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SZA SHIRT, which purports to be a preview of her debut album in five years, makes the most of one of the musician’s greatest talents: her ability to exaggerate the sexual power and disaffection of passionate love. She sings, her voice aching, “Still stressin’ perfection/Let you all in my mental/Got me lookin’ too desperate, damn,” as the gossamer, Darkchild-produced beat and sparse drums shape-shift in the background. She knows what it’s like to be caught in an obsessive, disastrous relationship that robs us of our own dignity.

The catastrophic relationship dynamics of the song are echoes in the video, which features SZA and Lakeith Stanfield shooting up a cast of colorful characters like a messed-up Bonnie and Clyde. They pose as deliverymen in one instance. In another, SZA brushes her ass on the Atlanta actor, giving him a lap dance and caressing his face as he is restrained in a chair while grabbing firearms out of pizza boxes. She then turns around and leaves, leaving him at the mercy of a bunch of people with knives.

SZA debuted “Shirt” in an Instagram story in late 2020. And a few months later, fragments of the song inspired a dance challenge on TikTok. So, technically, the song isn’t brand-new. But the complete song and its hilarious, raucous video have only now been release. The music changes at the video’s epilogue, giving way to heartbreaking violin creaks and quiet, acoustic guitar fingerpicking.

Here, SZA delivers sharp, poignant insights on the ruin of romance. She delivers scathing one-liners about her own romantic missteps. Such as the jagged blow of “fucking on my ex because he validate me,” and later, the bitter truth of “my past can’t escape me/My pussy precedes me,” before becoming effusive and modulating her voice into a whistle register as the song concludes. It’s embarrassing to have all I need inside of me, she sings in the song. SZA continues to be the only artist that effectively captures the brutalities of contemporary love.

Listen below…


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