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Johnny Drille – Lover (feat. Phyno)

Johnny drille lover

Phyno and Johnny Drille LOVER The teamwork we didn’t know we needed is here!
JD, a musician that creates a variety of music, released the charming song “Lover” as a way to introduce love and to relieve tension. On this new masterpiece, he collaborates with the native rapper Phyno.

The follow-up to “How Are You,” “LOVER” is Johnny Drille’s second official single of this year (My Friend). Don Jazzy’s song “HOW ARE YOU” is one of assurance and hope. The song has connected shattered friendships and accumulated many streams.

These brand-new Johnny songs are taken from his upcoming EP, HOME. The new project will be released on October 28, 2022, as planned.

My second track from my upcoming project, which features my brother @phynofino and is the new anthem for all hopeless romantics out there, is out now. – JD



“Johnny Drille Lover”
(feat. Phyno) Lyrics

Everytime that I think of you
Oh girl you make me smile
Since the day you caught my
Eye eye eye eye eye eyes
I can never love anyone but you
Oh girl you fit me die
And you bring me peace of

My omalicha you’re my sunshine
The only girl in my eyesight
Every other kele just dey pass by
Oya bye bye
You set my soul on fire
Girl I go love you tire
Do anything your heart desires
Baby don’t say no
I wanna know you wanna

Be my lover
Baby baby be my lover
I want you in my life
No longer wanna be on my own

Be my lover
Baby baby be my lover
Baby I’m the one for you
Let me put my love on you

U see this special kinda feeling
Melu m m cho ka ibata nye my life a meaning
Zobulu ezo but kita everything revealing
Ina gbam ala blow my head up to the ceiling
Nwa m na catch feeling
Osokwam Dili busy
Ikponaro m, I go make everything easy
Words may be misleading but ur love is what I’m needing
Umu na enye m obi but your heart is what I’m keeping
Na me u go believe in
Afugo m Omo I’ve seen it all and done it all
But anything ga egbochi mu na gi I’ll call it off
Maka I bu dealer bulu plug m
And otu isi amuli melu m ji akpo gi sugar plum m

Adi m obsessed
Biko drop your address
Bia bulu gi ka madam in the back of my benz
Ma o cock egbe na isim nko
I na touch obi m doooo
Ife obuna icholu m go
Maka acho m ino gi nso
Please… be my lover

Be my lover
Baby baby be my lover
Baby I’m the one for you
I don’t wanna be ever apart from you (yeah)

Be my lover
Baby baby be my lover
Every day I dey look your photo
Baby girl you don dey make me kolo o

Be my lover
Baby baby be my lover
With me you no go ever suffer suffer suffer lai lai oh

Be my lover
Baby baby be my lover
I no go do you bad o
I no fit break your heart o
Girl I no dey lie o
Baby girl I no dey lie o

Everybody know that I love you so so so much

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