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Jonathan McReynolds Your World

Jonathan McReynolds Your World. It’s a bop, purposefully cheerful, and joyful, and it serves to remind the listener of God’s dominion. The song was composed to assist listeners in removing their own personal burdens. Jonathan is renowned for bridging the gap between modern church music and music from the past by using Marvin Gaye and African American spiritual passages. The song “Your World” will get listeners up and moving while appreciating the splendor of God’s creation.

Listen and enjoy the music…


Jonathan McReynolds Your World Lyrics 

This is Your world
I’m just livin’ in it

[Verse 1]
The lillies ain’t worried ’bout it
And the birds ain’t chirpin’ ’bout it
And You’ve done more for me than You’ve done for the trees
So, why would I even doubt it?
If the rocks on the ground can say it
And the sky full of clouds can paint it
Who am I to be here complainin’?
Only thinking ’bout what I would change, yeah

This is Your world, uh
I’m just livin’ in it, ayy
I’m just walkin’ through it
Knowin’ that You’re with me, ooh
This is Your world
I’m just livin’ in it, yeah, hey
I’m just prayin’ through it, mm
Knowin’ that You listen

Hold up
Every single one of my own plans
See, I’d rather have Your heart
So I’ll put ’em in Your hands
This is Your world
I-I’m just livin’ in it

He’s got the whole world in His hands
He’s got the whole world in His hands

[Verse 2]
The world hasn’t stopped turnin’
And the sun hasn’t stopped burnin’
You make the universe expand just because You can
But I know You’re more concerned about me, yeah
Worry can’t add another minute to my life, mm
Before I started, You charted out the finish line


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