HomeFinance TipsParticipate in a Sisunetwork Testnet Airdrop worth over $500. 

Participate in a Sisunetwork Testnet Airdrop worth over $500. 

We are going to do a detailed tutorial on how to go about this Sisunetwork testnet airdrop. Is time to fill our bags if you are a trader or know crypto and testnet, you should know how this goes.

What is SisuNetwork?

The Sisu network connects several blockchains and enables frictionless transactions between them in a decentralized, trustless layer. Sisu can support any L1, L2, or sidechain transaction, including requests for token swaps and calls to smart contract functions.

Though a large portion of Sisu’s initial focus is on token swapping (both native and fungible/non-fungible tokens), Sisu also seeks to address more general cross-chain communication issues like smart contract interaction or confidential transactions.

Problems Sisu Network tends to solve.

Recent blockchains like Terra, Solana, and Avalance have grown in popularity, necessitating the transfer of assets (both forward and backward) between them. Previously, Ethereum 1.0 dominated the market for smart contract execution, but alternative blockchains have steadily increased their market share by providing consumers with faster and more scalable solutions. We will start to exist in a multi-chain environment where there is no dominant player. Instead, a paradigm where different blockchains coexist is emerging.

The entire volume of cross-chain transactions is anticipated to surpass the volume of each chain in three years. We foresee the cross-chain transfer of trillions of dollars worth of assets.

Alight let’s jump right to it make sure you follow each step carefully.

Step one

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

Visit https://sisu.network/testnet first. After that, touch on “sign up,” fill in your information, make sure to provide your test network’s ETH address, and then choose any username you choose. You can see that a message has been delivered to your email by tapping on “signup” after that.

Go to your email now, click the verification link there, and you’ll be taken to a login page similar to the one in Frame 2. Log in, and that’s all there is to it for now; we’ll get back to it later.

susi testnet networksusi testnet network

Next, open the testnet switch on https://chainlist.org, search for Avax, then touch on connect and add to metamask to confirm all the transactions you see. For a better understanding, view the photos below.

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

Adding faucet token to AVAX

You should now receive a successful message after visiting https://faucet.avax.network to obtain some faucets. Make sure to enter the address you will use for the testnet. Simply enter your wallet address and tap the Request button without connecting your wallet.

susi testnet networksusi testnet network

Creating your NAMI Wallet for Sisunetwork Testnet Airdrop

Open a new tab in your extension browser (if Kiwi doesn’t work, use Yandex), type NAMI extension into the search bar, then touch the first result. Next, tap Add to Chrome, wait while it adds, then launches the new extension and launch a new wallet.
To avoid confusion, I’m just showing you what you should see when opening your wallet. Just be sure to write down your passphrase somewhere secure, and then proceed as directed.

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

Let’s now enable the testnet feature in the NAMI wallet. To do this, follow the instructions in the image.

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

Now, visit https://faucet.ko.exchange and ensure that everything is configured as shown in Frame 1 of the following image. There are numerous Testnet funds right now, but for this topic, I’ll be utilizing TIGER, as seen in Frame 1 of the image.

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

Go to https://app.ko.exchange next, tap on Connect Wallet, confirm the transaction in your wallet, then tap on giving Permission.

susi testnet networksusi testnet network

You can see in Frame 3 above that we wish to switch from the AVAX chain to the Cardano chain, so please pay great attention so you don’t get lost.

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

I’m telling you this because what you’re about to do will be the exact opposite of what we’re doing here, but I’m simply explaining.

You can now go back to your NAMI wallet and copy your wallet address.

susi testnet networksusi testnet network
Now, paste the address you copied into the box shown in Frame 1 exactly. Make sure it matches what you see there, and after that, after tapping swap and approving the transaction. A box similar to the one in Frame 3 will display; tap where the arrow is pointing.

susi testnet networksusi testnet networksusi testnet network

You will now be taken to a new page; simply copy the transaction URL there by following the arrow in the image below.

susi testnet network

Make sure you are signed in before going to https://sisu.network/leader-board and scrolling down to the submit button. When put the transaction URL you already copied in the second box, after which you say something pleasant and hit “Submit,” you will receive a message indicating success.

And after some time, you should be able to see that you have been given 5 points when you search using your username. Now, the more transaction URLs you provide, the more points you will receive.

susi testnet network

How to increase your points and move up in the leaderboard in Sisunetwork Testnet Airdrop

Please pay special attention to what I’m about to say as I explain it to you because we only used AVAX as an example in this discussion; there are others, as you can see in the images below.

susi testnet network

Assuming you wish to go from polygon to AVAX. You simply set it up to look like it is in Frame 1. Tap the switch to the appropriate network. And a transaction requesting you to add the polygon testnet network to your metamask will appear.

As you can see in the image above, we are switching between Polygon and AVAX. Both of these were constructed on ETH and use the same address. So you won’t need to enter it again just like we copied the Cardano address.

susi testnet networksusi testnet network

You’ll notice that we don’t currently have a TIGER Faucet if you look closely. This is because the Faucet we previously gathered is on the AVAX chain. After this, we now need to find a new one on the POLYGON chain. Good. Now, don’t forget to send each swap your transaction URL.

In addition, remember that you will need a native faucet for each chain. Just as we did with the AVAX faucet, so the links for the other chains are below.

BSC: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart
Faucet.Polygon. technology is the website for Polygon.
Visit Faucet.Fantom.Network for Fantom.

If you have any questions on

Airdrop, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section. We will answer as soon as possible.

Source: @Twitter Abrahamchase09

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