Mortal kombat (2021 Movie)


Mortal kombat download, a reboot of the film franchise based on these intensely violent games arrives in theaters and on HBO Max for 30 days, almost 30 years after “Mortal Kombat” changed the fighting game landscape forever.

The crucial thing for fans to note is that it’s just as R-rated as the games. For the first time, “Mortal Kombat” brings its genuinely gruesome appeal to the big screen, along with some combo combat moves straight from the games, some character-based catch phrases, and more.

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and even a few well-known fatalities—finishing moves like ripping spines from bodies through the top of your opponent’s head. There are several match-ups that would cater to people who have played many of the “MK” games (which, believe it or not, includes yours truly), including match-ups involving now-classic video game characters like Sub-Zero, Kano, Raiden, and several others.

While the action scenes in the film come to life in ways that video game films sometimes don’t, the film grinds to a halt during a deadly long training/destiny centerpiece that stretches the film to almost 110 minutes. And then it finishes on a whimper, setting up what feels like a franchise rather than having a satisfactory conclusion. Yeah, video games aren’t known for having satisfying endings, yet so much of “Mortal Kombat” feels like set-up that you’ll only wish someone had… finished it.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Language: English

Release Year: 2021

Quality: WEB-DL

Director: Simon McQuoid

Star cast: Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson


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