Leagcies season 3 Episode 4


Legacies season 3 episode 4 brief review. The episode started innocently enough, over breakfast in bed, with Hope and Landon celebrating their ‘one-year’ anniversary. Hope indicated that for their big day, she had something “special” in mind (aka sex), and Landon made it clear that he lives in a “constant state of readiness” for such an operation. A very different pair, meanwhile, were doing a very different kind of bonding, as Alyssa revealed her MG plans. “He was not thrilled to hear that he would eventually be killed by the Triad spell, “But he was much less thrilled to learn that the Necromancer will then revive him with a few “tweaks.” Zombie MG would love her “like you should have the first time” (Yikes!),” explained Alyssa, whose final form is obviously an original Lifetime movie character.”

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Episode summary

Fortunately, in spite of her feelings for MG, Lizzie, who obviously did a full 180, took it upon herself to save him. And I mean, she was asking Josie for support on her own. Josie agreed to witch up in spite of her recent magical hiccups and help her sister… help her friend. Basically, after this is all over, a lot of people will owe favors to a lot of other people.

The father-son reunion of Landon’s dreams also brought us this week’s chapter. With Malivore literally manifesting in all of his muddy, hollow-eyed glory. The once fearful golem is now one of the Necromancer’s mindless slaves. We’re going to have to work on that bow. Less head, more knees, which made it particularly easy for Landon to trick him into not eating him, you know. Landon suggested that his father use him to defeat their common enemy, because Malivore created him to be a vessel.

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Episode summary

Just then, one more twist! Hope, Landon, and all the monsters revived were sent to a new world of prison. Courtesy of Alyssa and the Saltzman Twins casting a connecting spell. In this scenario, no one was set free by the Power of Three.
Go figure! After literally punting the head of the Necromancer from the football stadium, Landon and Hope made tracks for the pit of Malivore. She theorized that her venomous tribrid blood would be expelled by the trap, preferably spitting them both out in their proper world. And the two also found time for romance in typical Hope/Landon fashion, staying related to the lips as they sunk into the pit. The whole thing would be kind of hot…

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Title: Hold on Tight

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Creator: Julie Plec

Stars: Danielle Rose Russell, Kaylee Bryant, Jenny Boyd

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8103070/


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