Son of the south (2020 Movie)



Son of the South download. It gets off to an awful start, with two others dragging a man, and then a freeze frame, accompanied by a voice-over: “That’s me, Bob Zellner.” As the meme goes. We probably wonder how he ended up being dragged towards a noose in this situation.” It is probably supposed that Bob is white and not Black to make the use of this glib. Much-parodied system acceptable in this case. But considering that lynchings against African-Americans have traditionally been driven by whites, the presentation is mortifyingly tone-deaf.

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Life was better five months ago,” Bob explains, in another line so overworked that it should have been cut. The script, directed by Barry Alexander Brown, Spike Lee’s longtime publisher. Somewhat eases up on the clichés from there. The film tells the story of how Zellner (Lucas Till), the grandson of a Klansman (a late role for Brian Dennehy, who died in April), became an involved participant in the civil rights movement in early 1960s Alabama, ultimately becoming the first white field secretary of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, based on the memoir that Zellner wrote with his fellow civil rights activist Constance Curry.

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An politically fraught proposition in 2021 is a biopic that emphasizes the viewpoint of a white Alabamian. Who was harshly treated for his activism but could protest from a place of relative freedom. But turns John Lewis (Dexter Darden) and other Black activists (including a love interest played by Lex Scott Davis) into supporting characters. The film, embraced on its terms. It does a fairly absorbing job of dramatizing the strengthening of Zellner’s values, dragging him away from the comfort of inaction.

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Director: Barry Alexander Brown
Writer: Barry Alexander Brown
Stars: Lucy Hale, Sienna Guillory, Brian Dennehy, Julia Ormond, Lucas Till
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 1h 45m
Genres Biography, Dram

Son of the south download 


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