Legacies season 3 Episode 2


Legacies season 3 Episode 2. This week, Legacies provided an emotional sendoff to one of its original characters. While humoring Landon about the possibilities of becoming the descendant of King Arthur, Rafael started coughing up black sludge, the same disturbing material that in the season premiere spelled curtains for poor ol ‘Chad. Despite the best efforts made by the different factions of the Salvatore School, it seemed that Rafael had only days to live.

Goodbyes Sure Do Suck

During their one-on-one goodbye scene, Raf told Hope, “I’m not afraid.” I believe everybody gets a version of heaven of their own. It’s going to be my best day ever on a loop for me, a day out with the individuals I love. He also promised to appreciate every moment he had left,

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This included the once-in-a-lifetime supernova hovering around their heads at the moment… which gave Hope an idea.

Though Raf’s condition remained incurable, by moving him to a new prison world. One modeled after the perfect day he previously mentioned. Hope was able to prevent his (second) death. “Hope explained, “A prison world is just a prison if you’re alone. “We’re not allowed to stay, but he can. To keep him happy and safe with his family, with everything he wants. Forever and always. Perhaps that is what heaven is.

Rafael’s fate 

Rafael was joined by his father and estranged mother to make this “prison” world even more heavenly. The latter of whom Alaric tracked down with some reluctant assistance from Sheriff Mac. The parents of Raf both decided to go “all in” to restore their families and, no less, in a world without full moons.

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While the days of Rafael at the Salvatore School seem to have come to an end. This may not be the last one we have seen of the character of Peyton Alex Smith; these prison worlds do not seem to keep people forever. And when we first saw him in Season 1, given how lonely this wolf was, at least he was finally able to bond with his true pack.

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Title: Goodbyes Sure Do Suck

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Creator: Julie Plec

Stars: Danielle Rose Russell, Kaylee Bryant, Jenny Boyd

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8103070/

Synopsis: The team learns some devastating news; Alaric turns to Sheriff Mac for help getting some timely affairs in order.

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