Legacies season3 (S3E1)


Legacies Season 3 Episode 1., “We’re Not Worthy”. Although name seems a little awful for a fitting title.

A lit Insight from Season 2

With so much anticipation more after such a lengthy break. Episode 16 of Legacies Season 2 left us with our fair share of cliffhangers that needed to be resolved, and the premiere gave us responses that were not satisfying in a roundabout way.

As he tried to figure out what had happened to Hope and Landon, we’ll start with Alaric and his decision to send the students away from school for the day.

Anyways Rafael, instead of going into the sun and crossing over to the Great Beyond, tried to get through to Landon that he wanted to choose to live again.

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In the depths of the world, Landon always tried to do the right thing, and it’s honourable that he wanted to kill himself if it meant that dark magic would become nothing.
We are continually being led to believe that she is a powerful witch and werewolf, for the most bizarre reasons, just for her to be overwhelmed.

A lit about season  3

Josie’s pain over all the dark magic she did was a good enough storyline, and it was nice to see Lizzie’s way of trying to look out for her sister.

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It was probably a smart idea for Josie to place her magic in a box in the back of her mind, but she failed to know that the school is still terrorized by monsters.

There’s a bigger picture here that’s not talked about by many of the characters, and all the paths lead back to the freaking Necromancer.

If, before dying or going on the run, she can make their lives hell, she’ll take it as a victory. She’s a far more believable villain than any of the others since we’ve seen her backstory, as well as her struggle with her abilities.

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It wasn’t an easy life for her, and it wouldn’t be hard for her to become a full-blown villain.

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