Lockdown (2021 Movie)


Lockdown Movie 2021 presents cloudy, tense conditions, Locked Down starts. Voicing the bitter blend of introspection and sorrow that we now know to be part of quarantine.

Movie Synopsis

Once this hellish lockdown is over, Linda (Hathaway) and Paxton (Ejiofor) are bound to split up; two more weeks and the London-based couple will get off the nerves of each other.

Their relationship began years earlier with wild motorcycle rides, and when the well-read and violent Paxton was arrested for beating up someone in self-defense. He was placed on an emotional downward spiral. Since then, their relationship has been a series of sad, private acts and spiteful conversations.

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Paxton wants the motorcycle to be sold, and Linda hasn’t even told her colleagues about the relationship. The lockdown made them even more tense, particularly when Linda deals with ugly work drama over calls from Zoom. However realizing how much a total soul-suck is her corporate career.

More from storyline 

For the first two acts of the film, Hathaway and Ejiofor both offer manic performances appropriate to the time. They literally volley wild monologues as Linda and Paxton clash. Thus describing their neuroses on their rising disdain for themselves and each other. Subtly demonstrating how these estrange lovers would be ideal for each other if they could only see eye to eye again. The acting is over the top. As if Liman is allowing the blocking to inspire the pandemic, making them pacing about and finishing their nervous rants on a point of fever.

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A pre-COVID work trip with personality groans in between. Such as when Hathaway vents at warp rate. This can be a convincing, yet campy show. And that she had to confront herself in the mirror and didn’t like how she was. The monologues can be so stagey that you half expect the two to break into song to do something that is similarly high-energy. In addition, that when the film returns to Zoom, calls that drag out the already difficult plot, you feel the sinking weight even more.

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Genres: Comedy, Crime, Romance

Language: English

Quality:  WEB-DL

Director: Doug Liman

Writers: Steven Knight

Stars: Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ben Stiller, Lucy Boynton

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13160874/

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