Nigeria Ranked Second In Paternity Fraud

Nigeria ranked second paternity

Controversies over paternity.

Nigeria ranked second in paternity fraud. By discovering that their father is actually not their biological father, several children undergo paternity controversies.

There is no unfounded belief that paternity fraud is strong in Nigeria. Reports have been making the rounds that, after Jamaica.

Nigeria has the world’s second highest rate of paternity fraud. Many men have been unknowingly raising children who are not their own and there have been calls for mandatory DNA testing at birth to curb the trend.
The subject of fatherhood is a trilogy. It’s a moral, science and legal challenge,’ noted a concerned commentator.

After a stranger showed up one day to say he was their biological father and challenged him to a DNA paternity test. Christopher, a prosperous but retired architect, was forced to learn the truth about the paternity of the twins.

Christopher got the shock of his life when the result showed that the stranger was indeed the true father of the twins. It turned out that the man and his late wife were engaged in a long hidden love affair that gave birth to the three children he wrongly believed belonged to him.

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When the infant is born in wedlock, a man is believed to be the father of a child.

It is also said that a woman is in the best place to classify her child’s parent. So the case is closed if a woman fingers a specific individual. However, advances indicate that it is always not as easy to prove paternity.

Yet the rounds have been made up of rampant cases of denials, disputes and paternity counterclaims.

When their children’s DNA test failed to match that of the men assumed to be their fathers.  Some women were accused of infidelity and sentenced to marital ignominy in the abyss.

Yet one of the most startling revelations in the history of parental conflicts snowballed into the ensuing scandal.

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But these women might never have repaired their broken homes or shed the garb of unfaithfulness and adultery for the confession of a dying Zambian nurse.

Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa, who owned up to swapping about 5,000 babies over 12 years ‘for the fun of it.’ As the reality behind the genetic anomalies of the paternity of their children may never have been unravelled.
Meanwhile, in Nigeria. At least four out of 10 men are not the biological fathers of their children, according to available data. DNA experts based in Lagos report that many men do not know that they are not their baby’s biological fathers.

One expert noted that the situation in Nigeria is currently very high and most first-born babies are affected.

Globally, a third of all men are not the real fathers of their assumed children, according to the American Association of Blood Banks.

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In October 2017, after a heated argument between the couple over Betty’s reluctance to fulfill her conjugal obligation. The source of this shocking revelation began. Her husband, a banker, had to get her pastor involved, having experienced sexual hunger for seven months.

His decision to bring the matter to the attention of their pastor was mainly based on the news that his wife had a covert relationship with their former driver. A Master Degree holder, simply known as James. Who later got a job with one of the nation’s leading oil & gas companies. This was for his wife to tell him the truth after a great deal of confrontation and persuasion.

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