Honest Thief (2020 Movie)


In Honest Thief, a no-frills, low-thrills version of the kind of gritty action picture that has marked the late-stage career of the veteran star, Liam Neeson again plays a man with a very unique collection of skills, safecracking and bombmaking among them.

“As in the first “Taken” and The Grey,”

these films can be gripping and visceral. As in the third “Taken” and “Non-Stop,”. It is highly mediocre, having little to work for its powerful supporting cast beyond car chases and superficial characterizations. At the middle, as always,Honest Thief and he’s an incredible physical specimen to behold at 68. He takes everything seriously.

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But while he’s giving it his all, he doesn’t get anything in return. Nevertheless, “Honest Thief” gives a few fun specifics to prevent it from being a complete slog, perfectly serviceable and completely forgettable.

Neeson stars as Tom Carter, a notorious bank robber known as the In and Out Bandit.” Neeson stars as Tom Carter, a legendary bank robber known as the In and Out Bandit.
(It’s a name that he loathes, as it makes him sound haphazard, and he prides himself on his precision.) Over many years, Tom has robbed $9 million from 12 banks across seven states. But he instantly interacts with the stunning, quick-witted woman behind the counter when he steps into a Boston storage center to store all that loot: Kate Walsh’s Annie, who works there to help pay for grad school.

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They are in love a year apart, and he’s so taken by her (pun intended) that he wants to go straight together and forge a new life.
But he’s going to turn himself in and turn all the money over to the FBI. Sure, he could have just anonymously dropped it off and started over. But Tom is an honest cheat, and he is hoping that he can get a shortened sentence by cooperating.

Quality: BluRay
Director: Mark Williams

Writers: Steve Allrich, Mark Williams

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Starring: Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan


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