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Pence staff test positive as Trump admits ‘ we’re not going to control pandemic.

On Sunday, the chief of staff of Donald Trump’s White House made an exceptionally candid statement. That the administration does not plan to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

Mark Meadows said, bluntly, that we’re not going to monitor the pandemic.

Pence staff test positive

The revealing comment was made by the former hard-right congressman from North Carolina. As reported cases of Covid-19 hit new levels and hospitalizations in 38 states grew rapidly. The virus also threatens to ravage the White House itself. With Mike Pence’s chief of staff. And four others having tested positive in the inner circle of the vice president.

Medows has consistently sidestepped concerns about the duty of the administration to fight the spread of the virus. Instead, he highlighted what he called “mitigating” factors in a tense interview with CNN’s State of the Union. Including the hunt for a vaccine and experimental therapeutics that could push the death rate down.

In the final nine days of the race, despite Pence being exposed to the disease. He intended to continue an ambitious campaign schedule. The Vice President was expected to hold a rally in Kinston, North Carolina, on past Sunday afternoon.

These unbroken travel arrangements were a violation of the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC).

Coupled with the Trump administration’s own public health agency. They will require the vice president to be in quarantine for 14 days and to wear a mask around other persons at all times. In public, Pence was often seen maskless.


Given that Pence has headed the White House coronavirus task force since late February. Such overt disregard for the administration’s own health guidelines is doubly awkward. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the taskforce’s most senior public health specialist. Said meetings on Friday had declined and Trump had not attended one in months.
Pence ‘s decision to fly was deemed “grossly irresponsible” by Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease specialist at George Mason University in Virginia.


It’s just an insult to anyone who involves public health and public health response. In her statement the “White House said that because he is considered” important workers, “Pence was not expected to obey the quarantine law.” Asked why “key” electioneering was classified. Meadows said the vice president continued to do his formal job between campaign stops.

Pence ‘s decision to fly is deem “grossly irresponsible” by Saskia Popescu. An infectious disease specialist at George Mason University in Virginia.


It’s just an insult to anyone who has served in response to public health and public health, she said,

Also crucial was Chris Christie. The former New Jersey Republican governor who contracted the virus earlier this month.

After assisting Trump with debate planning. Speaking to this ABC. He said:” I think everybody needs to put the wellbeing of the people with whom they’re going to be in touch first. I’m a little bit shocked by that.

Moreover on Sunday, Trump left the White House for a New Hampshire rally. Not wearing a mask, he was photographed.

In addition, the latest statistics from Maryland’s Johns Hopkins University put the overall number of reported cases in the US at over 8.5 million. With nearly 225,000 deaths.

With more than 83,000 reported per day.

Authoritative forecasters expect that by the end of the year. The US will see more than 300,000 deaths.


But Trump is now wrongly insisting that the crisis is past its worst.

At a rally in Florida on Frida. He said ‘We are entering the final turn and at the end of the tunnel we are reaching the sun.’

Lastly, the drastic increase in infections across large swaths of the country. Days before the election poses imminent political harm to the President. Despite Trump’s desire to wish the crisis away. A new CBS News poll on Sunday placed his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, ahead slightly in Florida and neck-and-neck in North Carolina and Georgia.

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