The Endsars Protest


The ENDSARS Protest

Over the past few weeks, the Youth and some group of feminist coalition has being protesting in Nigeria with the trending ENDSARS. This however has led them out to the street of major places in the country, including Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and so many other parts of the country. This was to create awareness and for their voices to be heard to the endless police brutality and killings going on within the entire federation.

This movement however, has taking so many lives which wasn’t expected including the Lekki genocide which happened on the 20th of October 2020. A day which to be said is never unforgettable in the Nigerian history amongst others.

Now let’s hit back to when this all started, the movement started with the ENDSARS protest.

This highlighted the numerous harassment and killings from the said police unit, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). The young adults were the most victims especially from those living a flamboyant lifestyle. Those using an apple device (Iphone) or has one of the latest cars, and also from those with physical appearance i.e, dreadlocks, tattoos and others.

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Now the #ENDSARS movement has being trending all around the world as Nigerian citizens abroad also joined in the protest. The movements became more aggressive offer the few days.

This movements is not only agitating on the police brutality. But also, the level of corruption, injustice, bad governance  and lack of basic amenities within the country.

The Nigerian politicians are one the of the most paid politicians in the whole world yet it’s citizens are one of the most poorest.

An average Nigerian and graduates survive with their own means of likelihood with little or no help from the government.

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This has made them to become self dependence and hardworking. And yet most has made it thus far in the industry and are globally recognized today be it in any sector around the globe including the digital sector.

With this post caught on twitter on the Convid 19 palliatives. This was meant to distributed to the citizens of the country. This is during the Nation wide Convid 19 disease which was fast spreading throughout the whole world.

This was to help elevate the state of hunger and starvation. As it was already killing citizens before the convid 19 could get to them.

Yet all this convid 19 palliatives were all locked up in a warehouse until now.

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The ENDSARS movement is a call to remind the present Government. Firstly, that they were elected to serve the people not the other way round.

A call for Good Governance were the poor and the rich have the same equality in the country. Were citizens can exercise its freedom of rights without interruption or any form of harassment. A call to provide basic amenities throughout the country.


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