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Top 10 Best African movies on Netflix

You want to know which of the best African movies are on Netflix. Today we will be doing a review countdown of the Ten (10) Best African movies on Netflix so far.

The Nollywood industry with other African countries like Ghana, south Africa, Malawi amongst others, over the recent years has being producing world class movies with rich African heritage and is being watched all over the world. While some of this movies is now streamed and available on Netflix. So lets get to it, here’s the Top 10 best African movies on Netflix.


10. Catching feelings

Catching Feelings, a South African film, adds to our list another splash of romance while preserving a way of sociopolitical consciousness.

The film focuses on Max, a university professor, and his girlfriend Sam, who flit around cosmopolitan circles in Johannesburg.

When a well-liked white South African author returns for a book tour to Max ‘s university. Max finds himself interested in the social circles of the author though resenting the recognition of the author. This puts strain on his relationship with Sam.

Narrative ambiguity isn’t the region of data for Capturing Emotions. Rather, within a post-apartheid South African framework, the film is extremely character-driven, and includes many light yet thought-provoking musings on racism , classism, and innovation. additionally.

It is a perfect break from myths and tropes about South Africa in Hollywood. The movie was produced in South Africa and directed by  Kagiso Lediga.

9. Road to yesterday

Path to Yesterday might be a worthwhile African movie on Netflix for those more curious about romance movies.

This Nollywood production follows an estranged couple who plan to mend their relationship on an extended drive to the funeral of a relative. But find yourself uncovering more emotional baggage than they bargained for.
Path to Yesterday presents an understated and slow-paced combat romance which is anchored by the chemistry of the 2 lead actors.

There’s no trashy sensationalism to derail a sweet and enjoyable romance , or ludicrous plot twists. Produced in Nigeria and directed by Ishaya Bako.

8. The Figurine

The Figurine, a horror thriller, is one among the foremost interesting Nollywood movies of the previous couple of decades.

The movie follows two friends who discover a mysterious figurine within the forest; seven years of luck will apparently be obtained by those that discover the figurine. After those seven years have passed. However, the lives of the 2 friends begin to travel downhill in chilling ways.
The Figurine, first released at the Rotterdam International festival in 2009, is one among the few Nollywood films to possess received substantial international, critical, and scholarly attention.

The Figurine represented a clear move forward in terms of cinematography and narrative consistency compared to Nollywood films before it.
In Nollywood, the movie arguably helped ignite a change in attitude towards producing movies that might screen in theaters, as against only home video. The movie was produced in Nigeria and directed by Kunle Afolayan.

7. King of Boys

In 2016, Nigerian director Kemi Adetiba made the marriage Party, which to the present date is that the highest-grossing Nollywood movie of all time.

Although that movie is additionally on Netflix, in favor of Adetiba’s second movie: King of Boys, we’re keeping it off this list.
While the marriage Party was a socially aware romantic comedy. King of Boys may be a darker, politically-ting thriller that, additionally to entertainment, offers fodder for questioning the universe.

During a powerful performance, King of Boys features actress Sola Sobowale as Alhaja Eniola Salami. A robust businesswoman who will stop at nothing to advance her own interests.

While some viewers might close up the two hour 49 minute runtime of the film. King of Boys should appeal to those that enjoy dark movies with meditations on power and violence. Produced in Nigeria and directed by Kemi Adetiba.

6. October 1

Director Kunle Afolayan went on to form October 1 After The Figurine, our next pick during this list of best Netflix African movies.

The film follows a policeman named Danladi Waziri. Set within the waning days of colonial Nigeria, who must solve a mystery before the independence of Nigeria on October 1, 1960.
In terms of production quality and storyline, October 1 stands above many Nollywood movies.

The film avoids melodrama and sensationalism, providing an in depth and exciting check out a time of history not frequently presented in cinema.

October 1 provides detailed comments on important sociopolitical issues like imperialism, tribalism, and nation-building. to find out more, those that might not know anything about Nigerian history can use it as an easy entry point. Produced in Nigeria and directed by Kunle Afolayan.

5. Lion Heart

As Netflix’s first-ever Nigerian original film production. Lionheart made waves. In practical terms, because of any copyright disputes. This means you don’t have to worry about the movie being taken off Netflix.
A young woman named Adaeze Obiagu aspires to prove herself as a business leader at her father’s company, Lionheart, in this drama-comedy.

She gets a chance to showcase her abilities when health problems incapacitate her father. Adaeze must partner with an eccentric uncle to save Lionheart from defeat in the face of sexism and mountains of corporate debt.
Lionheart is a good choice if you’re looking for a female-centric Nollywood movie with a heartfelt and engaging story.

With many humorous moments, the film has a dynamic pac. And is a great sign of things to come for original Netflix productions from Nigeria and other parts of the African continent. Produced in Nigeria and directed by Genevieve Nnaji.

4. Vaya

Director Akin Omotoso spent years in story-based workshops with homeless residents of the economic capital of South Africa, Johannesburg, before making Vaya.

Vaya, who firmly interweaves three stories of South Africans who come from rural communities to fulfill personal dreams or ambitions in Johannesburg. Inspired by the stories he learned.

There is a man eagerly awaiting a job in the big city, another young man trying to recover the corpse of his father, and a girl seeking to escape the drudgery of rural life.
Each of these stories soon experiences a twist, launching Vaya into a gripping and poignant exploration of South Africa’s pounding economic heart into the dark underbelly of urban life.

The film feels like a South African version of Amores Perros, a Mexican masterpiece that similarly weaves three narratives together into a strong and dynamic element. South Africa and directed by Akin Omotoso

3. The Boy who Harnessed The Wind

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind is another original film worth showing on Netflix. Although this film had British producers. It also had co-producers from Malawi and was film in Chichewa in Malawi with 80% + dialog. So we think it’s “African” enough to apply.
William Kamkwamba, a Malawian inventor who gained fame by constructing wind turbines out of scrap parts to produce electricity for his rural home.

Dramatizes the fascinating real life tale of the Boy Who Harnessed The Wind. British-born and Oscar-nominated actor Chiwetel Ejiofor directs and stars in the film. But Maxwell Simba, who plays a new version of Kamkwamba, is the real star.

The Boy Who Harnesses The Wind should certainly be checked out by those seeking an inspirational and heartwarming film from an African background. The film was produced in Malawi, UK and directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor.

2. Atlantics

The film Atlantics by Sengalese director Mati Diop created major buzz when it won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

For African cinema, the award was a long time coming. While sadly the conversation around the win always seemed more focused on the illustrious heritage of Diop (she is the daughter of the famous musician Wasis Diop and niece of Djibril Diop Mambéty) than the film itself.
Atlantics tells the story of Ada, a girl. She’s about to marry a rich man named Omar in an arranged marriage, but she secretly loves another man named Souleiman.

One day, Souleiman heads off to Europe by boat, and Ada later hears nothing from him. A number of strange events begin to take place as Ada ‘s wedding date approaches and she longs for Souleiman.
In addition to fascinating characters, Atlantics has excellent cinematography and sound design. The film was produced in Senegal and directed by Mati Diop.

1.The Burial of Kojo

The Burial of Kojo is our top choice among all African films on Netflix today. This is another mysticism-tinged movie, similar to Atlantics, which raises and arguably redefines artistic standards in African cinema.
The movie opens with a girl named Esi focusing on Kojo ‘s father. As the story solidifies into a journey where Esi must save her father from an abandoned mineshaft. Supernatural elements-sacred birds, visions, symbolisms in telenovelas-seep into Esi ‘s life.
Ghanaian singer Blitz Bazawule, also known by his stage name Blitz the Ambassador, is writing and directing The Burial of Kojo.

The creative prodigy of Bazawule obviously applies to video, too. Although his directorial debut is The Burial of Kojo. It has a distinctive cinematic voice that seems both well-informed by previous legends of filmmaking (e.g. Djibril Diop Mambéty) and ready to push boundaries. The film was produced in Ghana and directed by Blitz Bazawule.


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