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Barbie stands against Rascim

A stand against prejudice has been taken by Barbie.

The iconic plastic toy doll model that has also been blamed for normalizing European ideals of beauty and lack of diversity.

The plastic Mattel doll took social media by storm after she had a conversation with her friend Nikki, a Black doll. his was on the subject in the new episode of ‘Barbie Vlogs’ on YouTube. The animated video about tackling racial bias and prejudice received a strong response on Twitter, with people saying it’s brilliant to use the doll ‘s popularity to discuss certain issues.


According to Barbie ‘People may think my life looks good. But the reality is I have to deal with racism all the time. As so many other Black people do, Nikki says in the clip. ‘It’s very hurtful and it can be disturbing and sad. And today I wanted to share a few stories about it.

Nikki tells Barbie about multiple times in the one-minute video where she was judged based on the colour of her face. Last month, Barbie and I had a beach sticker-selling contest. We broke up and went our separate ways to see who was willing to sell the most. Beach safety stops me three times when I was on the boardwalk, ‘Nikki shares.’ Though I was doing exactly the same thing you were doing, the security officer discovers I was doing something bad.

I don’t want to prove and re-prove myself endlessly,’ says Nikki in the poignant video.

‘Right from the start, he helped you and did not help me’, reflecting common experiences faced by people of colour. While, at the same time, Barbie listened and responded sensitively instead of defending patiently, becoming mindful of white privilege.

People on Twitter, where millions of views have been generated by numerous accounts in the video. It also began a discussion about how Barbie is no longer just an icon of make-up. But also unrealistic expectations of beauty for little girls. But something inspirational and conscious has become. The company’s sponsorship of the Black Lives Matter campaign to raise consciousness left many impressed.


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