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Nasty C- Zulu Man With Some Power Review

Nasty C- Zulu ManOn Nasty C- Zulu Man With Some Strength, some of the first few lines are, Let go of all your fears, let go of all your fears. I’m going to church on the moon, I’m talking to God on my back. I know that I am not great, but the God whom I worship, whom he forgives, whom he saves …
Although those lines appear clear, they are not. “King Shit’s opening lines are,” This is how it feels to be on top of the globe, oh-oh. I’m so grateful that I went through the mud, oh-oh …

Music by Nasty C’s has always been scientific. Speaking of the inspiration behind the title, “Bad Hair,” Nasty C told SA Hip-Hop Mag. “I was like just making me choose one thing about myself that I know is a reality … I’ve got bad hair, the worst is my hair.” It splits, it takes a great deal of care.

“It’s just not good hair for our family. My brother has the worst hairline, and my brother has an even worse hairline ahead of him. My little brother’s hair is dark … reddish, you know, and it runs in the family.
He uses his training as a Zulu man-a black man-from South Africa on Zulu Man with Some Influence. Who hugged the spotlight in his teens, found success and now records topics that matter to him as a 23-year-old. The complex pains, joys and hardships of it all, he records.

“He becomes an activist on ‘They Don’t’ and delivers a war cry. “They don’t want me to win, they don’t want me to feed, they don’t want to see the success of a young black man. The track also addresses police violence in the frank nature of T.I ‘s lyrics. They don’t want to see me taking my brothers out of the streets, they don’t want me …

He is a South African guy on ‘La Vida Loca,’ who recently signed with Def Jam and has “money dragging [him] from both sides.” He has women sitting on an energetic trap song by his pool. But that was about as happy as it was. He is faced with “sold out” allegations. The fact that he had to earn his popularity makes the allegations even more groundless.

“His battle cry, however, gains credibility on ‘How Many Times.’ On his battle days aboard an R&B/Jazz-Rap beat through pianos and horns. He sings, “How many times do you think I fell? How many times have I passed through Hell? When they told me that I, I, I, I, I, I, I wasn’t going to be anything. How many times have you thought I might cry? They held me down, and I held on to my smile …

Nasty C’s Zulu Man with Some Power Sees the South African Rapper’s Star Continue to Rise: Review

‘La Vida Loca’ in English means living wild and happy-usually with cash. Although that may have been an ode to the present life of Nasty. It’s more like Nasty uses the song to discuss his life’s imperfections and he uses dismissiveness to cover it all up.
‘Overpriced Steak’ is characterized by the same mixed feelings. This is where Nasty addresses the components of his success and the indifference he feels to it all.

Nasty C sang-raps on a Trap soul rhythm, “My attire lately has been heat, I’m in my case.” In and out of meetings, a break from my dance shoes. Over-priced beef, talking stakes, I’m well off, I should be used to it, but I’m not. I’m still feeding out the hands that I’m married to tell grace.


On ‘Sad Boys,’ however, feelings are anything but mixed. By singing from their viewpoint on this guitar-based Emo track, he takes a stab at his critics who did not believe in him when he had nothing.


Nasty C is not under pressure, but he is going through ‘it’ like everyone else, despite the money. His life is multifaceted-sometimes he is a worried, successful young man who seeks solace with ‘Feeling’ in drugs and sex. And sometimes he handles faith problems in relationships with symbolic metaphors. This are such as ‘Steve Biko’ Pro-black activist.
That’s as far we can say now.
Nasty C- Zulu Man is a great project and Nasty C did a nice work to bring back some memories of home to where He stands now.


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